The electronic AFL score board is designed in Australia.

The current panel is 2.88 metres wide by 1.92 metres high with a pitch of 10 millimetres.

The display can be completely configurable to any size, colour including background, border colour and text size, colour and font.

The control is via computer software written in Australia and can be transmitted to the score board via cable if under 100 metres or optical fibre if over 100 meters.

Automatic dimming from daylight to night viewing.

Moving message display with selected texts and 4 selections of text messages.

Slide show of selected advertisements displayed with logos and instant text and graphic when a goal is kicked.


Twite Instruments designs and manufactures control systems for the refrigeration industry.

The main control system consists of TempScan that can control up to 100 rooms/cabinets 27 compressors and 12 condensers with up to 200 temperature inputs and up to 15 pressure inputs to control up to 5 systems/racks. Using SCADA software to control locally or remotely. The TempScan can also perform load shedding for the efficient use of power consumption.

MultiScan controllers can control up to 8 refrigeration functions including DX evaporators, reciprocating compressors, screw compressors, complete room control with defrost, evaporators or a combination of the above.

With TempScan, CompScans and MultiScans, a complete refrigeration plant from 1 to multiple cool room or super market installations can be controlled. and maintained as well as super market systems.



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Is a software package that facilitates the running of tennis tournaments.


Round Robin or Knockout or a combination of both.

Complete tournament entry input for multiple events and ages including fees paid and owing.
Scheduling, players playing on which court, time started, players next on court and the time any player last played available at any time.
Full printing of all reports.

Match to be played with results to date for each match to be played for player information.

Check any player for availability at any time.
Check any match at any time whether it can be played or not.